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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Sorry about the late post, raptor fans. I've been busy lately. Some exciting news though. I now have a position as "article contributor" at, so you should start checking out that site regularly. It's basically a website devoted to getting you your Geeky news and reviews on TV shows, movies, video games, comics, and more. And now (thanks to yours truly) it will be covering webcomics as well, which is pretty awesome.

When I interviewed for the position, the guy I was talking to asked what I'd be interested in reviewing, and I said books and video games and that sort of stuff, but in prepping for my interview I wanted to make sure that I could bring something to the table, so I asked him about webcomics. I noticed they weren't already on the site, but they seemed like something that should be. Plus the really good ones (Girl Genius, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Schlock Mercenary, and Gunnerkrigg Court) would easily fit into the rating rubric already set up for graphic novels.

It seemed that while the guy I spoke to hadn't heard of webcomics, my telling him about them intrigued him. Some of those aforementioned comics have big fanbases, and their websites are really highly visited. Webcomics are also nice (compared to regular comics, let's say) because if you start getting into one, you can go back to the very beginning very easily and without spending dollar one.

So, since people on the site might not be familiar with these webcomics, my first few articles are going to be "catchup" reviews to make sure everyone's on a  level playing field when I do regular reviews of the latest collections. It's a little daunting, as some of these comics have been on the Web for many years, so there's a lot of material to work with, but at the same time, pretty exciting.

I'm not sure when the article is going to get posted, but I'll let you know.

Bye for now!

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